Twitter is…

In honor of this fabulously insightful tweet, I felt it was of utmost importance to list what other things “Twitter is… ”   I have no doubt that after this post reaches the stratospheric heights of popularity it deserves, I will become the world’s largest Hummel figurine.

  • Twitter is like pot roast for vegetarians.
  • Twitter is like cell phone for deaf people.
  • Twitter is like dividing by zero for your pet’s food bowl.
  • Twitter is like plaid stockings on a solar access panel.
  • Twitter is like yielding for children at the circus.  Then eating them.
  • Twitter is like shooting your mouth off in a marathon.
  • Twitter is like bubble gum for the fifth dentist.
  • Twitter is like Aqua-Net for lions.
  • Twitter is like meat cushions for your Lay-Z-Boy.
  • Twitter is like one strained simile after another.  None of which actually apply.

3 Responses to “Twitter is…”

  1. Greg says:

    Have you decided that’s the figurine you want to be, or was it just an example? If you’d browsed a few places further to the right, you could have found the 23 piece set (basic) with not just angels, but camels as well. Frigging camels!

  2. Chris B. says:

    It’s like rain on your wedding day. It’s a free ride when you’ve already paid. Amirite?

    (One comment down, 999,999 to your millionth!)

  3. Justin says:

    As I said in my @reply on Twitter, the number one reason why that was a dumb analogy is that video games are video games for adults.

    I think writing bad analogies might be your superpower, or special move, if you will.

    For my part, I submit: Twitter is like making a fool of yourself for dumb people.

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